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MosQ are threatening the human race .
For the world , to clap the mosquitoes !

Map screen
Specify the destination and to move the region .
Also around the shop , earn money , I can choose pubs and dominant modes .

Regional migration
In the region move , you have hit the mosquitoes until the car goes to the goal .
You can defeat by tapping the mosquito , and you can pay the mosquito by swiping .
In addition , you can buy a mosquito coil When pick it up because the money comes out when defeat mosquitoes .
Mosquito coil will continue to damage the mosquitoes therethrough when put on the road .

You can buy items that can advance the game advantageously .
Also I can here the purchase of accounting items .

Money earnings
In the money earning mode , you have rained money by tapping the screen .
By touching the money , you earn money .
In addition , cats , dogs , stock , so that you can get to come earns automatically money to buy the buildings .

It is possible to buy a drink , you can make a comment .
When you tap a comment , you can write a reply to the comment .
Among users , let's advantageously advance the adventure in information exchange .

Dominant modes
When the heroine is awakening to go to Hokkaido , then put it in the dominant modes .
4 colors of mosquito will appear from four colors of the pond .
Blue mosquito is the army of mosquitoes .
Gray pond is a pond that is not occupied by anyone .
You can be moved together a mosquito when you tap the destination .
When you press the SELECT, you will be able to move only the specified range .
By feeding the mosquitoes in large quantities into the lake of other colors , you can occupy the pond .
The occupation was pond , looks like army of mosquitoes emerge .
If occupied all the pond except army is defeated when it is no longer clear , the army of the pond .


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